Tables & Tops

3/4” thick: $35 / square foot
1” thick: $37 / square foot
1.5” thick: $43 / square foot
1.75” thick: $43 / square foot

Add $2 / square foot for tops over 30 square feet.
Add $2.50 / square foot for a coat of zero VOC Rubio Monocoat in your choice of colors.

White oak is a premium quality hardwood favoring a range of light brown tones. It has an open grain structure and accepts stain well. We offer it in two grades:

Character Grade: As its name states, you’ll see a lot of character in tops made from it. Expect strong figure, the occasional area of sap wood, and a few filled knots and small defects. Character grade white oak tops are less expensive than Premium Grade tops.

Premium Grade: white oak tops made form this grade tend to be very consistent. Expect no more than 1-2 small filled knots (often none), no defects, and no sap wood (please request sap wood inclusions if you like the look).

We offer white oak tables and tops in many finishes. Here are some of our favorites.


  • Wood is a natural product. Your tabletop will be hand-crafted to order, and will not look exactly like any of the tops shown.

  • We can make tabletops from any wood species in any size & thickness.

  • We offer a wide variety of customization options, such as radiused corners, distressing & aging, staining, & glazing.

  • We can ship tabletops anywhere in the continental U.S. Free pickup in Austell, GA.